The Psychology Of Power & The Nuances Of Influence

From the way a person positions their hand during a handshake, the body language they project, to the intensity at which they hold eye contact during communication, the indicators of power are ubiquitous.


Whether we like to admit it or not, we secretly crave power and control. In an ever changing world, the very uncertainty of life leaves us feeling frantic and fearful.
As an attempt to rid ourselves or anxiety and fear, we hold on to as much control as we possibly can. Some of us wake up at the exact moment every single morning, eat the same meal for breakfast, or even engage in the same activities to help reenforce a sense of discipline and mastery over oneself.
Sometimes, self mastery just isn’t enough.
We seek dominance within our family, relationships, careers, social life and as many other areas we possibly can.
Control, depending on who you ask is either good or bad, or both. For a self actualized person seeking to maximize and fully develop every aspect of their life, having a sense of control, no matter how little, is often advantageous. On the other hand, a person seeking to make himself superior, through inflicting physical, verbal and emotional harm to others displays the negative aspects of power many are accustomed to.


Make no mistakes, professional sports leagues can be likened to The Wild. Every athlete is out for dominance, control, and power.
Those at the top of their game seemingly have a bulls eye stamped on their back.
Even the meager competition rise to the occasion when up against the best in the land. One would be unwise to underestimate even the lowly bench player on a losing ball club, for every athlete has within them the heart of a ferocious Lion.


From the very instant he steps on the basketball hardwood floor, his opponents can sense that the predator has arrived. Standing at 6 feet 9 inches, with a bulky body mass of 259 pounds, LeBron James is the best basketball player on planet earth.
What makes LeBron James different than the average professional basketball player is not of rudimentary disparity, but a sum of the whole.
The way he walks, dribbles, shoots, and competes against opponents, sub-communicates dominance and mastery of the sport.
People in power, those whom achieve mastery in their craft are wired differently that the average contemporary.


“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” a saying by the prestigious writer, Sir John Dalberg-Acton. While as a society, we generally distrust those in power, and view them as dishonest, we don’t truly take the time to understand how they think as well as the nuances of their behavior.
Those in power are highly competitive in nature. Whether they are musicians, athletes or politician, the very idea of competition is sufficient in raising their overall proficiency and performance level.
People in power crave the feeling of excelling at their field, just as much as they do the external praise and validation that come with it.


Ones on top, then comes another, then another, like prongs on a spinning wheel, spinning uncontrollably. Classic Hip Hop fans remember the early 90s as a period in music when Tupac Shakur and Biggie smalls battled for the Rap Crown, in a showdown of Eastside Vs West Coast. More recent fans will recollect the time in Hip Hop when Nas and Jay Z were ‘beefin’. The music game in its entirety is a power struggle, a modern battleground. Sensing opportunity in sight, and the chance to draw first blood, new, up and coming artist suspecting the Top Dog is losing popularity among fans as well as in the music charts, sets out to drop diss tracks and discredit their character..


POWER FIGURE: Donald Trump

President Donald Trump, is a controversial figure whom happens to be in a position of power. A self important man, President Trump speaks loudly and brashly. While many might consider that to be abrasive, at a subconscious level, we secretly admire people who are fearless and unapologetically speak their mind. Not only is Donald Trump not one to hold back on his words, his actions come across as unsympathetic and brutish.
If Donald Trump is such an unpleasant and uncultured man, why did we the elect him into the highest position in the land? The answer is simple. Donald Trump understands the psychology of power.
Donald Trump has no intention of serving anyones agenda but his own. From
the very moment World Presidents, Prime Ministers, and other World Leaders are gathered in his presence, they instantly feel uneasy and utterly uncomfortable. From his yank-and-pull hand shakes, sardonic smile, and snappy responses, Donald Trump makes a vast majority of people feel a sense of confusion.
Donald Trump appears comfortable within himself, and feels no need to conform and play by anyone’s rules. He cannot be understood, and that which cannot be understood, instantly intrigues and captivates.